The results are in…

The good news is that the Environment Committee Report was passed with all the strongest amendments in tact. This report is now fairly robust on the environmental impacts and risks associated with coalbed methane and shale gas. The only downside is that a new amendment proposing a moratorium on fracking didn’t get though – although a third of MEPs voted in favour of it!

The bad news is that the Industry and Trade Committee report also got voted through by a large majority. This means that we have two reports with quite different positions on unconventional gas. However, this report was amended to remove some of the worst parts.

You can find all the full voting results with the names of all the MEPs who took part to the votes of these two reports at

However, we need to bear in mind that this is only a first step. It is the first time the European Parliament has working on this issue and after 5 months of lively discussions, already one-third of the EP agreed on calling for a moratorium on fracking! The impact of citizens all across Europe contacting their MEPs on the same issue is clearly not to be underestimated!


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