Take action

Act now to stop CBM at Airth!

Write to your MSPs and MP

It’s their job to represent you in Holyrood and Westminster so draw their attention to the issue and let them know that you are concerned.

Download template letters to help get you thinking about what to write, or if you’ve only got a couple of minutes, click on these links to send an email to your MSP and your MP now.

Write to your Councillors

If you live in a local authority area that falls into one of the unconventional gas licensed areas you could also write to your Councillors to let them know your concerns. This can be particularly effective if you write before a planning application is considered because Councillors can call a planning application in to re-examine it – but you as a third party can’t!

Get together with your neighbours and declare your community a CBM and frack free zone!

Some towns in the USA and Europe have declared themselves ‘fracking free’. This is a smart way of pre-empting plans for unconventional gas, and warning potential developers that many local people will object to applications in the area.

Opposing unconventional gas in your area will be much easier if you join together with others in your area. You can plan activities together, make use of everyone’s skills and contacts, and send a clear message to gas exploration companies that they are not welcome in your area.

Download this pack to help you get started.